Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ESP in Poker? Do you believe?

Entered the $300 no limit event at the local card club.
200 entries.

After the first five rounds, I was not doing well. I was down to $2500 and the blinds were up to $200-$400 with a $50 ante.

On the cut-off a player raised preflop and I had an easy fold with 7-2. The raiser was called and the flop was A-K-4. Suddenly I had this feeling I was going to find a big Ace on the next hand, and be knocked out.

The next hand a player raised to $2,000 pre-flop. Sure enough I looked at my cards...A-Q! No! What to do? This raise meant he had a hand like pocket J's or 10's. I know it sounds nuts, but I just had this bad feeling...I folded!

That was the best hand I had seen today, and it was not easy to fold.

After more bad hands, I was two under the gun. I had 4-5 of hearts. I was about to fold when I had this feeling to play it. I moved all in and got called by an opponent who had A-J. I hit the straight on the turn and the flush on the river.

I was up to about $6,000. The same blinds. A tight player raised to $1,600, and the button called. I was in the SB and found pocket Q's! I moved all-in.

The first player thought for about one minute and folded. The player on the button had about $12,000 and couldn't decide. I waited and waited...and yes, I had this feeling that I would win the hand if he called unless he had pocket 10's. I don't know why I was having these thoughts or whatever they were...

He called, and turned over 10-10. I sighed because I knew it was over. The flop had the 10 and I was out..

Is this esp or just plain nonsense?


OhCaptain said...

Ace Queen is the hand of the devil and can not win if your tournament depends on it. Ask Phil Ivey, or any of the final tablist of the WPT. AQ is doomed.

I need to make a new helmet out of tin foil. They can hear me you know :)

Anonymous said...

All you can do is get in there with the best hand and hope for the best. You cant take out the "gambling factor" in poker.

Check this article out.

Andrew Ironwood said...

I have a "Poker Muse" that tells me when to go all-in with 9-6 offsuit and when to fold my pocket Jacks -- and she's usually right when I'm listening 'correctly'...

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