Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bummer--Knocked out of the event....

At the club today, I entered the $225 No limit event. I was dong very well. I had about $9,000 and just got moved to a new table as the blinds increased.

My first hand, I have A-K. The blinds are $150-$300 with a $75 ante. I have about $9,000 and probably one of the bigger stacks.

The player under the gun limps. I raise to $1400. A player in middle position moves all-in for $8,000. Everyone else folds.

I have played against this opponent before and he likes to move all-in with any pocket pair. What should I do? I decide to call...which may be a mistake, but in general I like to take chances in the middle event to accumulate lots of chips.

He turns over pocket Jacks. I get no help.

The next hand I get dealt pocket Jacks. I have $1,000 and move all-in. The same opponent raises me to $5,000 and another moves all in to $10,000. He gets called. The first raiser has pocket Queens and the player who moved all in has A-K.

The A hits the flop. I'm out....I guess it was flop lag...

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