Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lock Up Sharp Objects While Playing Poker...

On Bodog...250 players $50 buy-in No limit event. Pays 27. It's down to 33 players and I hit a set on the flop. Since there are drawing possibilities I move all-in. The guy with almost as many chips as me calls (to my left). He hit a higher set. Doh.

Multiple table event...4 players left. An aggressive player raises under the gun. I decide to move all-in on the SB with pocket 8's to get him to fold his weak hand. Yeah, he folds, but not before the BB calls me with pocket Kings (to my left). I win about $300, but still I'm not happy.

Single table satellite...2 get paid. 3 players left. Button folds, and I raise with A-J suited on the SB. The big blind moves all in (to my left). I call and he shows A-Q. Noooo....

For some reason the Bodog software has a lot fewer stupid hands than Full Tilt or Poker Stars. I'm not sure why. But on Full Tilt and Poker Stars you run into quads and full houses way way too often, IMHO. There is also a difference in that Bodog has fewer of those runner runner bad beats, and that slightly slower than normal river card reveal where you know someone is about to get screwed.

Instead, Bodog will beat you by setting you up more often K-K against A-A, or A-A against Q-Q...and the favorite actually wins! If you do get beat, it will happen more often on the flop than the torture of beating you on the river.

I also think there is a slight software glitch in Bodog which gives me a very small edge with certain starting hands. I won't reveal it until I win $1 million on the site:) Actually, I think it will help me slightly, oh very slightly when the situation comes into play.

If Bodog pays me $100,000 in cash I will tell them the glitch. Or, if you want to pay me $100,000 I will tell you the glitch....operators are standing by.

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