Monday, July 20, 2009

Extra Special Discount On All Poker Supplies

Special Savings on All Poker Supplies From

Here are this week's favorite products from pokerhomesupplies. Remember to enter coupon code 101 when checking out to get your 5% discount. This is a special offer for readers of my blog only.

Now, here is Steve on this week's favorite products:

Planning your next home poker tournament?

Looking for the right equipment to run your event like the pros?

4 Deck Texas Holdem Card Shuffler $30.00

Tired of manually shuffling cards, have some players that just can't seem to shuffle? An automatic shuffler makes the perfect sense for your home game. This Automatic Card Shuffler handles 4 Decks and is battery operated. It shuffles standard or bridge sized playing cards.

ESPN® 500 pc Championship Edition Set in Aluminum Case $67.00

If you need a quality 500 chips poker set for your tournament game we have a great value. The set includes 500 championship edition 11.5g poker chips in 5 different colors (white, red, blue, green and black). And each chip features a custom full-color inlay with ESPN's® Poker Club logo with a shimmering, gold-colored ring. This graphic is NOT a sticker and will never peel or show any kind of lift from the chip. The graphic is part of the chip!

* 150 white * 150 red * 100 green * 50 blue * 50 black

A durable aluminum case with silk screened ESPN's® Poker Club logo. Included in the case are two decks of casino quality playing cards, engraved dealer button, big and small blinds, 5 dice and Annie Duke's Guide to Winning Poker.

Poker Genie - Home Tournament Manager Timer $75.00

Run your next tournament like the Pros. The Poker Genie Home Tournament Manager allows you to manage your complete tournament blind structures.

The Poker Genie is a poker tournament clock that electronically displays the time remaining in the current blinds level, the ante and the small and big blinds. It is a hardware-based blind timer that will also help set up your poker tournament. The Poker Genie will automatically calculate your blind schedule and tell you how many chips of each color to issue each player. It will estimate how long your tournament should last and ... it does all this within a minute or two!

You can also use The Poker Genie to display your own custom blind schedule. You can enter your own blinds, antes, and level lengths, allowing more experienced players to use The Poker Genie as an excellent wall-timer that displays the blinds and antes. No more "How much time is left?" or "What is the big blind?" questions!

Simply enter coupon code 101 when using the check-out process on and receive your 5% discount.

Thanks Steve--Remember that this 5% extra special discount is good on all of Steve's products!
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