Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's Your Favorite Tournament Poker Strategy Blog?

Favorite Blogs for Tournament Poker Strategy

I need your help in identifying the top blogs when it comes to tournament poker strategy.
I read poker blogs and like them for different reasons. To name three of my favorites:

For NL cash strategy advice I like Ed Miller's Blog Noted Poker Authority.

For Vegas poker stories, I like the Poker Grump.

The one I have followed the longest is What're The Odds?. Jusdealem was a big supporter when I launched my first poker book. If you like the OhCaptain blogs, you will like hers too.

But, I would like to read other poker blogs that focus on tournament poker strategy.

If you have a favorite blog that covers this area, please comment below and let me know. I am not looking for poker forums, just blogs. I'd like to read 'em.


A "Nice" poker video (no longer on youtube):
Doyle Brunson vs Chip Reese

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jusdealem said...

Thanks for the mention and for your advice comment on my latest post!

I'm still a big fan of your NL tournament book. My husband asked me recently for a book from my poker collection that would perk his interest in NL trnys and I handed him your book. :)

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