Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Poker Stars Hansen, Lisandro, Griffin, Raymer and Brad Garrett Got Eliminated From the Main Event of the WSOP

How Famous Poker Players Got Knocked Out of the Main Event

Here are a few players that I was rooting for, but didn't make it. All of this information is taken from cardplayer.com.

Gus Hansen: Out on Day 2A

Hansen: Ac-Js
Flop: Kc-Qs-3d. Hansen called a bet from opponent.
Turn: 10d. Hansen raised, and re-raised all-in. He called with his straight. Opponent shows 3-3.
River: Kd.
Ouch! Rivered!

Gavin Griffin Out

Griffin: Kc-Js. Move all-in. Called by one opponent.
Opponent: Ah-Kd
Board: Qh-8s-2h-7h
River: 5s

Greg Raymer Out

Raymer moves all in after a raise pre-flop. He gets called.
Raymer: 10h-10d
Opponent: As-Ad
Ouch! He gets no help and is out.

Jeffrey Lisandro Out

Board: 9d-8d-5d
Opponent checks. Lisandro moves all-in for his last 43,000 with 100,000 in the pot. Opponent calls.
Lisandro: Kh-Kc
Opponent: Jd-7d
Turn: 2h
River: 4h

And For Fun...Brad Garrett: Out on Day 2A

Garrett: Qd-Jh
Board: Qs-4h-3d-Ac-9d.
Opponent bet and after a long while, Brad calls.
Opponent shows Qc-9c.
Ouch! Rivered!

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