Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ivey beats Chris Ferguson: Thanks for voting!

Poker Poll Results

Which Poker Pro would you most like to hear talk about tournament poker strategy?

Ivey 25
Ferguson 24
Negreanu 10
Hellmuth 8
Brunson 7
Harrington 7
Hansen 7

Ivey is hot. Chris Ferguson came in a strong second.


James said...

I'm Very suprised that there wasnt more support for Negreanu. His read on the game is unbelevable, and he's a humorous guy to boot.

Mitch said...

I would probably go with those two guys also. Negreanu is a fun guy, but he takes some chances that only work for him, and even then, it's never gotten him to the final table in the big one. Ivey and Ferguson are solid; Hellmuth,... well, I think I'd go crazy listening to him, no matter how much he knows.

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