Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Dennis Phillips Got Knocked Out of WSOP--Why Poker Is Not Fun Sometimes

This Is Not Fun When It Happens

Dennis Phillips was one of the surprising players at the final table last year. He wore a Cardinals hat and played a mean brand of tournament poker.

This year we found out that Dennis Phillips is no fluke!

He finished 45th and won $178,857 at the main event. The way he went out of the event after 6 days or 70+ hours of poker was rather ugly.

Here is the hand (source

One player raises pre-flop to 165,000 and Francois Balmigere calls. Dennis Phillips re-raises to 450,000. The first raiser folds, but Balmigere moves all-in. Phillips calls putting his entire stack into the pot.

Balmigere: As-Ks
Phillips: Ad-Kd

The probability of a tie is 86%
The probability of either hand winning is only 7%.

The flop: Kc-6s-4s. Balmigere gets his flush draw.

The probability of a tie is now 64%.

The turn: 10h.

The probability of a tie is up to 80%.

The river: 5s

And Now For The Rest Of The Poker Story...

Balmigere is one of the final 27 players. He has a low chip stack with over 1.4 million and the blinds at 50000/10000 with a 10000 ante. He will win at least $250,000+.


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hmmm all in preflop is always a bit dodgy. Still not a bad payout for all that

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