Friday, July 10, 2009

We Have A Winner! My Poker Book Was Some Help!

Here is an email I received from a happy and winning customer!

My congratulations to you, Nerio! Keep up the great results!


Hi Mitchell

I've read all the books you've mentioned Incl. Harrington's cash games, but I still believe that Gus's book and your book are the best I've read so far and profited from. If you need to take your game to a different level, you need to figure out the "thinking" of the expert mind......and Gus' book does just that. (Currently I'm reading " Check Raising the Devil" which is Mike Matusow's biography.)

I was on Royal Caribbean's Baltic cruise last month and I won the poker tournament there, thanks to some of the books I read and also the TV programs I've seen. Unfortunately, there were insufficient players so I had to settle for a cash prize, otherwise they give a seat for the caribbean poker tour.

Enjoy your blog. Keep it going.


Nerio Vakil

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