Monday, August 3, 2009

Coming Soon: Tournament Poker For Donkeys. Expert Strategy Guide For Players Who Want to Stop Losing!

Tournament Poker For Donkeys

I am working on creating a new poker book. It will be available as an Amazon Kindle product.

Here is how I start Chapter 9 about Online Poker:

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If anyone tells you it is illegal to play online poker in the U.S., just walk away. No point in arguing. Online poker is not illegal. While getting money in and out of online poker sites is difficult, it can be done.

I want online poker sites to be regulated, licensed, taxed and headquartered nearby. The country can use the money and the jobs. Unfortunately, there are some politicians who have lost money playing poker online and seek revenge. These politicians are not donkeys they are…well, let me quote Roman Moroni in the movie Johnny Dangerously:

“You lousy cork-soakers. You have violated my farging rights. Dis somanumbatching country was founded so that the liberties of common patriotic citizens like me could not be taken away by a bunch of fargin iceholes... like yourselves.”

New Book Cover

While the cover is still in process, you can check it out here. Comments welcome.



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matt said...

Full Tilt takes my AmEx with no problem.

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