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Poker Quiz & Answer: You Are Johnny Chan

Poker Quiz and Answer

In this quiz, you are going to be Johnny Chan. You are playing in the WSOP main event. You started with $20,000 in chips and you just sat down at your starting table.

The tournament director says, "Shuffle up and deal."

It's the first hand. Yes, you bought in for $10,000 so make sure you don't lose it all on hand #1=)

Blinds $50-$100. You are under the gun and find Ah-Ac. You are Johnny Chan, so it makes sense you'd find pocket Aces, right? And, since you are Johnny Chan you are going to raise, right? Wrong. You limp with Aces.

Four players call as well. The pot is $550.

The flop is 4d-3d-2h. No you don't have the Ace of diamonds.

The big blind checks. You bet $250. There are three callers. The pot is $1,550.

The turn is a 9d. The big blind checks, you check, one player bets $4,750. The big blind calls. What should you do?

a) Fold
b) Call and go for a straight.
c) Move all-in. You are Johnny Chan, and players fear you.

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The answer is c) you are Johnny Chan so you move all-in and everyone will fold. Not!!

The answer, of course, is to fold.

Chan bet the flop to see where he was in the hand. But once he got called in three places he knew he was in trouble. With three diamonds on board, and not having the Ace of diamonds, it is an easy fold.

Frankly, it was an easy lay-down. I wonder how he would have played the hand if he had the Ace of diamonds. It seems to me that he would have made the call especially when the big blind called that overbet.

What do you think?

The Rest of the Story....

What happened in this hand was that the first caller had Qd-Qh. The second caller and the one who made that big bet on the turn had 6d-4h. The big blind had Jh-Jc.

The hand went to the river with the player with 6d-4h and the player with Jh-Jc. Chan folded as did the player with the pocket queens.

The river was the 8d. Both player checked, and the player with the 6d won with his flush. The player with the pocket queens would have won, since he had the Qd.
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