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Is This a Stupid Poker Article, Poker Quiz?

"You, sir, are an idiot!" Phil Hellmuth at last year's WSOP

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I often share Phil's thought when I read poker articles that demonstrate how smart a winning player is in the way he handles a poker situation, when really it is nothing of the sort.

Heck, I am sure, I have written articles where you think the same about me.

I thought it may be fun to use some of these articles and turn them into a different kind of quiz. You not only have to decide on the right play, but you also have to figure out the point of this poker hand situation in the first place.

Here goes..

Is This a Stupid Poker Article Poker Quiz?

You and I have entered a $10,000 buy-in event. It is early in the event. The blinds are $50-$100. We both have $12,000 in chips. You are in the cut-off. I am in the big blind.

A player in early position raises pre-flop to $300. You have 2h-2d and call. I am in the big blind and call as well. The pot is $950.

The flop is Qs-10c-2c. You have a set.

I check, the other guy bets $600, and you just call.

Question 1:
If I make a big check-raise to $2,500, would you:
a) Fold
b) Call
c) Raise

Question 2:
If you called or raised in question 1, is there any action I can take to get you to fold your set?
a) Yes
b) No

In this article, I am going to show you how smart I am by just calling.

The turn is a 3c. Possibly completing someone's flush. I check, the other guy checks, and you check.

The river is a 4s. The pot is $2,750.

Question 3:
How big a bet do I need to make on the river to get you to fold your set?
a) I bet a small amount, $1,200.
b) I bet the pot, $2,750
c) I over-bet the pot, $4,000.
d) I move all-in putting all your chips at risk.
e) You are going to call me, no matter what I bet.

Answers tomorrow.

But think about what hand I have and why I am such a smart player...and why it ends up being such a stupid poker article.

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Igo all in with the trips.

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