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Tournament Poker for Donkeys: Table of Contents and Foreword

Tournament Poker for Donkeys.
Expert Strategy Guide for Players Who Want to Stop Losing


How to Win a Poker Tournament

It’s all about winning. Nothing else really matters when you play a poker tournament. The money is in first place. Play to win. Not to cash.

That’s the theme of this book: Play to win.

My objective is to help you significantly improve your chances of winning your next poker event. If you have been a losing player, this book will force you to rethink your game and come to terms with your why you fail. If you have been getting close to the end but bleeding out chips, it’s probably because you are playing survival poker.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate level poker player, the time is now to look at winning as your only goal. Your attitude must change and you must stop being afraid of getting knocked out. If you go bust on the first hand, it’s not big deal. There will be another tournament.

You can cash one hundred times in a row and it will not be worth as much as that one victory. That is true in the small buy-in events, and it’s true in the major events. In a major event one win can change your life. Are you on the road to winning a WSOP bracelet? “Not very likely.”

Learning how to win a poker tournament starts when you no longer fear losing. If you get knocked out, it’s because you pushed the action. You gambled and lost. So what? What are you doing to do--sit there and wait for the nuts?

If you’ve been playing poker tournaments for a while, my guess is that you think you are pretty good. Guess what? 80% of poker players think they are in the top 20%. Yeah, I know that’s not possible.

Have you watched how the Pros play tournaments? Read through that chapter on Phil Ivey. He had to put a few bad beats on players to get to the final table. When was the last time you put a bad beat on a player?

The reality is that there is not a system to follow. Mike Sexton says that tournament poker takes a “lifetime to master.” He is right. But you don’t need to master the game to win a poker tournament. Want proof? Take a look at who just won your local tournament or that last online event.

You need an expert strategy guide that shows you how to stop losing! And start to win. It’s here. Let’s start…

Table of Contents

How to Win a Poker Tournament

Texas Hold'em Poker Rules
Tournament Poker Basics

Key Poker Concepts
36 Poker Why's To Improve Your Game
How to Play The Player and Not Your Cards
How To Take Advantage of Your Position
Table Image
Table Image in Action
Identifying Betting Patterns
Outs, Pot Odds and Probabilities Made Simple
How To Take Advantage Of Poker Odds To Win Big Pots
Poker Odds In Action
Gap Concept
Pre-Flop Raises: Does Size Matter?
Expected Value
Unexpected Value
Poker Domination-Does It Really Exist?
End Game Strategy: Concept of M
Using M To Guide Your Decisions
When is the Right Time to Move All-In?
Reading Hands
Three Ways to Spot a Bluffer
8 Poker Tells That Work (Usually)
Poker Tells

Stages of the Tournament
A Game Plan
Poker Quiz
A Simple Secret to Winning
Bubble Play by Jonathan Gelling
After the Bubble Bursts – Now What? by @ChrisKristofco
Heads-Up Play
Heads-Up Play in Action
What To Do When You Are Card Dead?
Card Dead Plays in Action
Card Dead Plays in Action #2

How To Play Specific Hands
Should You Slowplay Pocket Aces?
Did Phil Hellmuth Play His Pocket Aces Poorly at the 2009 WSOP?
How To Play Ace-King
How To Play Ace-King
How to Play Ace-King: Gus Hansen
How to Play Ace-King: Daniel Negreanu
How to Play Ace-King: Dan Harrington
When You Miss Ace-King on the Flop
How To Play Pocket Jacks
How to Play Small and Medium Pairs: Daniel Negreanu
How to Play Small and Medium Pairs: Gus Hansen
How to Play Small and Medium Pairs: Dan Harrington
How to Play Small and Medium Pairs: Chris Ferguson
How to Play Small and Medium Pairs: Kathy Liebert
Medium Pair in Action
Small Pair in Action
How To Play Suited Connectors

Winning Moves
Don't Look At Your Cards
How to Play From the Small Blind
How to Play From the Big Blind
How To Use The Isolation Play
Do You Know How To Float in Poker?
The Min-Raise
The Position Power-Raise
When to Make a Lead Out Bet
How to Set a Trap With Top Pair
Take Advantage of Scare Cards
How to Use The Naked Ace Bluff
The Blocking Bet
Fire That Third Bullet!
The Intimidation Factor

Inside the Mind of Daniel Negreanu
Small Ball Strategy
River Play
Small Ball Strategy in Action

Inside the Mind of Gus Hansen
12 Early Stage Strategies
How To Play Like Gus

New Trends in Poker
Pre-Flop Re-Raise Without A Premium Hand
How to Turn the Small Blind Into the Button by Angel "GiJoe" Valdez
Gap Concept Leads To Small Ball

Poker Leaks
10 Common Mistakes To Avoid
3 Popular Strategies To Avoid
“I Just Got Unlucky”
Don't Do Anything Stupid
Another Leak

Online Poker
Danger, Danger
Thoughts on How to Beat Low Stakes MTT Online Tournaments by Mark owner of The Poker Bankroll Blog
Online Poker Is Different Than Brick and Mortar Play
Ka-Ching! 2 Online Poker Tells That Work
A Secret to Winning at Online Poker
My Bad
My Bad?

Poker Concepts in Action
How to Triple Your Chip Stack
How to Make Critical Poker Decisions
Pushing All-In Blind
Learning from Las Vegas
A PokerStars Win

Inside the Mind of Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey at the WSOP

Poker Quizzes
Poker Quiz #1
Poker Quiz #2
Poker Quiz #3
Poker Quiz #4

Fun Stuff
At the WSOP
Do you believe in ESP?
Superstitions Gone Mad
My New Poker Rule

Putting It All Together
A Reminder
Get The Right Mental Approach
Start With A Plan
Embrace the Risk
You Can Be The Next Poker Super Star
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