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Tournament Poker: What should you do when your blocking bet is raised?

A Difficult Poker Question

Here is a difficult question for you. It involves hand reading and a blocking bet that gets raised. Good luck!

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You are playing in the $10,000 WSOP main event. You are down to $15,000 in chips from the starting stack of $20,000.

The blinds are $150-$300, and you are in the small blind with Kc-7s.

Everyone folds to the player in the cutoff position. He is a passive player and just limps into the pot. The button also limps. You decide to call for a half-bet. The big blind calls. There is $1,200 in the pot.

The flop is 7c-3s-2h. You have top pair with the second best kicker.

You bet out $600. After all it's doubtful anyone has a big pair, your opponents probably have calling hands like mid-rank suited connectors, and you only have to worry about a big blind special.

Only the player in the cut-off calls.

The turn is a Jd.

Now what? This kind of overcard is expected on a flop 7 high. You check.

Your opponent bets $750 into the $2,500 pot. What does that bet mean? It doesn't look like much of a bluff. Your opponent could have a monster or he could be making a small value bet with a hand like...what range of hands do you put him on?

It's such a small bet, you call.

The pot is $4,000. This pot is starting to get rather big relative to your chip stack. You don't want to be crippled with a pair of 7's.

The river is a 6s.

You don't want to make a call of a big bet, so to control the pot size you make a blocking bet of $1,000.

Your opponent raises to $3,000.

Have you figured out what hands your opponent may have?

Based on what you are thinking here, what should you do?

a) Fold
b) Call
c) Re-raise
d) Move all-in

Answer tomorrow.


GiJoeValdez said...

Then hands that I am worried about are 45, Jx, or 76. Any of these have me beat. I can eliminate 2 pair cause his bet on the turn was very weak. With a 2.5k pot a more suitable 1.5-2k would have been better. So 76 is out or any two pair.

On the river he raises your blocking bet because of your call on the turn. Had you raised on the turn to 1750. Had you used that blocking bet from the river here you could have gotten him to fold or more info had he called. Now you allowed him to catch up and gave him confidence that his QJ, or JT is good.

At this point I am troubled with his low raise to 3k and am border line folding but since I am low on chips and investing 2k to win 8k is good odds.

Call but know you are gambling. Fold and save yourself 2k.

Imanoth said...

I mostly agree with the above comment, but there something wich took my attention on, the J-x and 7-6 range is ok (maybe it is the final real answer), for maybe another player but you said this guy is "passive".

Maybe the guy is passive (weak) but he probably isn't stupid so he will probably represent weakness with a big hand, to try to milk some chips out. (Trap is standard for these players to stay in the tournament... playing exactly the same every time)

I put him on a set (deuces? so he just have been milking) or the nuts 5-4 (and he blocked you on the turn)

Whatever, He have you beat. So I think fold is correct here.

ZomB said...

Should have bet more when you were ahead, might have taken down pot.
I put him on an overpair, or at LEAST a Jack.
But even if he has the nuts, this is a nice value bet of half the pot on the river for him. You're beat, save yourself 2k.
Deciding how much to use for blocking bet, value bet, etc... means knowing your opponents individually and seperates your average player from the best.

If you got a good read, and KNOW he's bluffin, then you re-raise, but not against a passive player, and not when your stack is this size.

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