Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Book Winner is Mike From Canada

And, the best bad beat story goes to ryanarneson19

I was playing in a 5/10 limit game on pokerstars and got dealt KK. I raised from middle position and the button 3-bet, everyone folded to me and I capped, he calls. Flop came down K76 with the K and 6 being spades, I bet out, he raised, I reraised, he capped and I called. Turn came an offsuit 5, again we capped the pot. River falls 7 of spades, completing the flush draw but giving me kings full! We capped again and I turn over my kings full only to have my opponent show 77 for quads :(

Since Ryan's bad beat story was best/worst he will also get a copy of one of my books.

Thanks everyone for entering the contest!

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Mitchell said...

This is really hard to believe. Someone hitting quads on the river at pokerstars, when his opponent holds the best full house.

We all know on-line poker uses the most honest of RNGs-NOT!

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