Friday, February 27, 2009

36 Poker Why's To Improve Your Game

36 Poker Why's To Improve Your Game

I wrote this list to help everyone realize that it takes a lot of knowledge to become a winning tournament poker player. When you read each "why" statement, ask yourself if you agree or disagree, understand what it means, and/or if you need to learn more. Hey, if you need help, please ask. If it gets you thinking more about your game, that is a good thing. Perhaps this list will help you get out of your comfort zone so you can take your game up to the next level.

Of course, if I've missed anything, please let me know.

I have broken the list into categories: Overall Philosophy, Chips & Bets, Odds, Cards, and Players.

Overall Philosophy

1. Why the stage of the tournament matters

2. Why the blind levels matter

3. Why the time left in a round matters

4. Why playing tight early in a tournament is wrong

5. Why you may have to make the wrong play at the right time to win a tournament

6. Why being aggressive is the mindset of a winning tournament poker player

7. Why you have to get lucky to win a poker tournament

Chips & Bets

8. Why chip stacks matter

9. Why raising pre-flop first in the pot is usually right

10. Why managing the size of the pot is so important

11. Why linking the strength of your hand with the size of your pre-flop raise is so wrong

12. Why knowing a continuation bet is so important

13. Why knowing when to make or not make a continuation bet is so important

14. Why bet sizing is so important

15. Why moving all-in on the turn is so important


16. Why pot odds are so important

17. Why implied odds are even more important


18. Why suited connectors can win big pots

19. Why pocket pairs can win big pots

20. Why pocket Jacks are so difficult to play

21. Why always calling with A-K is wrong

22. Why always moving all in with A-K is wrong

23. Why always raising with pocket Aces pre-flop is wrong

24. Why adjusting the range of your starting hands based on the number of your opponents is so important

25. Why making tough lay-downs is a good move to learn

26. Why being able to identify that you are beat on the flop even though you have top pair is so important

27. Why it's important to learn how to read your opponent's hand

28. Why it's important to learn when are the best times to bluff


29. Why betting patterns of your opponents are so important

30. Why your table image is so important

31. Why the table image of your opponents is so important

32. Why taking your opponent at his word when he "checks" is so important

33. Why knowing how many players are at your table is so important

34. Why knowing how many opponents you have on the flop, turn and river is so important

35. Why finding tells in your opponents is not that important to winning

36. Why knowing what to do after a bad beat in order to avoid going on tilt is so important

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jusdealem said...

Great post, Mitchell. I will definetly be thinking of this post in my next tournament. Thanks

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