Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Won Every Hand I Played!

I entered a $20 NL sit'n go on Full Tilt.

I won every hand I played. It was sick. It can only happen online!

The software was helping me win for sure. No way that happens in real life. No way I get that lucky. Maybe it's because I hadn't played a sit n go in like two years?

Some hands:

Early on, I was raised on the big blind and called with J-8 offsuit. The flop came A-J-4. I checked, opponent checked. Then came a queen. Check-check. Then came a 6...for runner runner flush possible. I checked and called the river bet. My opponent had a small pocket pair, and I won. I was off to the races...

I stole a couple of times in position with 2 1/2x raises of the BB.

Later on with around 5 players left:

I called a small raise on the big blind with 6-6. Opponent hit top pair, but I hit a set. I went all in on the turn, and was called to win a big pot.

Key hand I raised under the gun 2 1/2 times the BB with J-J. My opponent who was in 2nd or 3rd place in chips called my raise from the button. The flop came Q-10-8. I checked, and my opponent checked. The 9 hit on the turn giving me a straight. I checked. My opponent bet the flop, and I moved all in. I got an insta-call. My opponent had Q-Q. The river was a 2.

Now I was way ahead. I raised on the button with 3-5 suited. The small blind moved all-in. It was not enough for me to fold. Opponent A-J. I hit a 3 on the river to win.

Down to 3 players. I had $10,000 in the SB. The BB only had $850. I moved all in with two rags. My rule is 10x's or more your opponent's stack, just move all-in. Opponent called. I hit my rag card and won.

Down to 2 players...no way I will lose heads-up.

1st hand on the button. I raised with pocket 6's. Opponent folded.
2md hand. My opponent raised 2 1/2x's, and I called with 3-6 offsuit. I figured I was so hot, why not see the flop.

The flop was 5-5-4. Check-check.

The turn was a 7. Check-bet-and I moved all in. My opponent called with 7-8. River was a 9.

I win...it was only $90...but I thank the non-RNG for making me look like a poker pro tonight. It only took 32 minutes.

I tried to play heads-up cash again, but every time I sat down my opponent would leave either right away or after a few hands. I finally got a couple of games. I ended up even, and decided I wasn't focused on being aggressive. I was getting into FPS-fancy play syndrome, so I left.


Marius K said...

Wow, congratulations. I think you got lucky to collect some fish by that table :)

Mitchell said...

Hi Marius:

I don't think it was the opponents being fish. Overall, I don't think they made many mistakes. Frankly, I can understand them thinking "geeze, this guy can't have the nuts again!"

I think the software was helping me to win. In the same way, I feel there are many times when the software is setting me up to lose.

Sounds crazy...especially to the math guys.

Steve Brogan said...

It is a great feeling when it all comes together like it did for you in that game. It is easy to think and thanks the software. But in the long run, the randomness of cards dealt tend to even up and the edge becomes your own good playing choices and decisions. Thanks for sharing that fun game. It is always fun when you win. I like when that happens. Good luck at the tables.

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