Monday, February 23, 2009

Take A Poker IQ Quiz

If you put 100 poker players in a room, how many would say they are in the top 10? How about the top 20 players?

Often poker players believe they are better than their opponents. In fact, I would guess that 80% of the players think they are in the top 20% in terms of poker skill. Of course that's impossible.

The next time you enter a poker tournament look around and evaluate where your level of play is compared to your opponents. Where would you rank yourself? Where would your opponents rank you?

To determine your Poker IQ I have developed a Poker IQ quiz for no limit poker tournaments.

The objective of this quiz is to determine if there are any holes in your no limit poker tournament game. And if so, where those holes exist.

The poker IQ includes 15 questions that will test your tournament poker knowledge. But unlike a simple quiz that provides the right answers, this test will actually provide an evaluation of what it means about your game when you select a wrong answer. You need to fix the leaks in your game. And you need to be able to identify and take advantage of your opponents' mistakes.

Take the Poker IQ quiz and see how you do. Of course, you can always disagree with the answers. That's poker...

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What's Your Poker IQ?