Sunday, February 15, 2009

How would you play this poker hand?

All this talk about online poker, I decided to play this am.

I hadn't played for a while, so I figured the software might help me--you know, to keep me hooked. (Yeah, I know, you think I'm crazy/stupid about online poker.)

Since I didn't have time for a tournament--I have my Sunday event in about an hour--and there is no collusion with a heads-up game, I played in a $1-$2 cash HU game. I bought in for $150.

Situation: Heads-Up cash. I have $150. My opponent has $200. (Also, my opponent is sitting and waiting for opponents at other HU tables so he probably has a lot of experience.)

Hand one: I'm in the big blind for $2.

My opponent raises to $6.

I have K-2 offsuit. I call. (Note: No, it's not a bad play on my part.)

The flop comes down A-K-2 with two spades.

My opponent bets $10.

What to do?

a) Call
b) Raise to $20-$40.
c) Move all-in.

Since this was the first hand, and it's online poker, my opponent has no clue about me as a player. I am hoping he has A-Q and not A-K...but flopping two pair ain't easy.

Of course, there are two cards to a flush draw.

My thinking:

If I call, there are few if any cards on the turn that are going to build the pot for me...or add to my comfort level.

If I raise, I might just slow down his betting, and again, what will I do on the turn since I have bottom two pair and not top two pair?

if a push all-in here, he may think a)I'm some crazy online poker player and 2)I'm on a flush draw. I want a call since I'm willing to is poker, and not a science.

I move all-in. He insta-calls.

The turn is a 2...and I win $150.

Since I hate people who win a big hand and leave right away, I played for 15 more minutes. Nothing exciting happened. I ended up +$142.


AKQJ10 said...

What did he call you with? AK? ;-)

I like either 2 (make it $30 to go or so) or 3. Good reasoning to infer that he has no data mined about you so he's likely to call with a decent ace. If you have any interest in laying out assumptions about his AI calling range and doing the EV calc between the two, I'd like to see them.

I don't love 1 because it fails to maximize value and because bottom-two is pretty vulnerable, say if the board pairs turn and river.

Eman said...

I just raise/move all-in here I guess.

Even if I raise flop, it would be the same as 2 on turn might be a blank, I'm calling his all-in or moving all-in on turn if he calls my raise on flop.

PS: Any reason for buying for 150$ instead of full buy-in?

Mitchell said...

I only had $184 in my account.

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