Saturday, March 7, 2009

15% Off On My Poker Books

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1. Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves
If you are interested in Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves, just click here. This is a reference book on 101 no limit plays that the Poker Pros use to win no limit poker tournaments. It is rated 5 out of 5 stars on amazon--and no, those reviews are not from my friends. One of the reviewers is a top 100 Amazon reviewer who was nice enough to review both of my poker books.

Frankly, I am averaging about one positive email each week about how I helped a poker player improve his or her tournament results.

In the past 6 months, I have gotten three negative responses to my book. One told me I was an idiot for ever suggesting slow-playing pocket Aces, another was about how I didn't understand expected value, and a third criticized some plays in my book.

Just by way of response:

1. Slow-playing pocket Aces is often the best move, especially if you need to get chips to have a shot at winning.

2. Expected value is a great concept for cash games, but not always for tournaments. Why do you think top Pros will fold hands like pocket 9's and pocket 10's when a player moves all-in and they know he has A-K? Their expected value is positive but they are looking for better opportunities to get all-in.

3. 90% of the plays in my book are not mine. It's a reference book of materials I have read or seen from top Poker Pros. So if you think I am crazy, please let Gus, Daniel, Phil, etc know.

2. Play Razz Poker to Win
If you are interested in Play Razz Poker To Win, just click here. This is based on running a large number of simulations in different Razz situations. Most of the positive replies I have received are from Razz players who like my Starting Hand Point System that is not just based on your starting cards, but the exposed cards of your opponents and your relative position at the table. Is it perfect, no. But it will help to keep you out of trouble. The book is for cash and not tournament play.

This book has also been getting good reviews on Amazon, although not as glowing as my tournament poker book. I tried to add to the Razz discussion since the only noteworthy Razz book was over 20 years old by Sklansky.

The incredible news is that my Razz book has been selected by PokerStar's poker school, IntelliPoker, to be translated into German and other languages. That was a high complement especially since Katja Thater, who won a WSOP bracelet in Razz, recommended my book.

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Stevie Treys said...

If you have only had three negative comments in the last six months, that is great. I own your book and have read it cover to cover. Do I buy into everything? Maybe not, but my problem is that I own and read and reread over 40 books now. So there are some things I am just not sure about and not just by you. I am on poker book overload. I have a wish book of 10 more that I am giving as suggestions for my wife and family as gift ideas. Best wishes and good luck with all of your books. Keep writing.

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