Monday, March 2, 2009

Interview with winner of #tpt: @treystill

Here is my interview with last week's #tpt poker winner @treystill.

@treystill, congratulations on winning last week's event!

Share with us a little about who you are?
I am a very young 50-year-old, living in a suburb of Nashville, TN called Hermitage. I am a truck driver by trade. I'm single and other interests include volunteering and NASCAR. I have just begun a blog at to record my thoughts on playing poker.

When did you start playing poker?
I've been playing video poker and 5 Card Draw for over 30 years. In 2005 I had a stroke and my physical therapist told me that playing cards would help with the rehab of my hand and my mind. I'd watched Texas Hold'em on TV and in April 2006 I played in my first Texas Hold'em tournament taking place in a neighborhood bar.

What is your favorite poker game? Why?
I have two favorite games. I love H.O.R.S.E. because of all the games involved. But lately, because of good coaching, I really starting to love RAZZ. It is so different from the other games.

Do you play in many poker tournaments? Is so, where?
I play 3 to 5 nights a week with the American Rounders Poker League, which is a free poker league in the Nashville area. Since I began playing with them in 2006 I have won 36 tournaments so far.

What is the most valuable poker lesson you've ever learned?
To be patient in the early part of the game. So many players will go all-in in the first few hands so I play the good hands and let them take each other out.

Did you have a strategy when you play the #tpt?
Just try to be patient and play my game. I also try to not let any bad beats put me on tilt. In the early part of the game I took some bad beats and was down to 850 in chips. But I kept my cool and played my game.

Were there any hands that you recall in the #tpt which were key to you winning?

Yes, there were two. In the first one, I had 5700 in chips and got pocket 8s and I bet 3000. The big blind, who was also the chip leader, made it 6000. So I folded and he showed pocket Aces. In the second one, we were three-handed and I had 25,000 in chips. I got pocket 7s and raised to 10,000 and the chip leader/big blind called. The flop came A 7 3. The big blind then went all-in and I called. The turn was 8 and the river was an A. He showed AK and had trip Aces but that gave me a full house and I doubled up.

Do you have any advice for those who play in tournaments overall?
Yes. My friend and coach Trisha Webb has taught me that patience is the key to tournament poker. No matter how bad a beat you take, as long as you have one chip and keep your head in the game, you can come back to win. I've done it 5 times.

Do you have any poker goals?
There are two. First to win a WSOP bracelet. And second, to be there when Trisha Webb wins her first WSOP bracelet.

Thanks, @treystill for taking your time to respond to my questions.

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