Friday, March 27, 2009

What Is One of Your Unconventional Winning Poker Plays?

Unconventional Winning Poker Plays

An unconventional winning poker play is one that does not follow the accepted norms of the game but ends up with you winning more chips than a traditional play.

Here is an example:

It is $50-$100 and you are in the big blind. You have $3,000 in chips, an average stack.

Four players limp into the pot. You call with 8s-8c. The pot is $550.

The flop is As-Jd-8d.

What should you do?

You can bet out. You can check-call. You can check-raise.

My unconventional play is as follows:

I will check, and with 4 callers I am fairly certain someone will bet.

Let's say the first player bets $400, and there is only one caller. One of these players has $6,000 in chips and the other $2,500 in chips.

There is now $1,350 in the pot.

If I raise to $1,200 it looks like I have a strong hand.

Instead, I will move all-in, to make it look like I'm pushing with a flush draw.

It works often at online poker, especially since players are more aggressive online.

What is one of your unconventional winning poker plays?


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