Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poll: Results to How Often You Bluff

In a poker tournament, how often do you bluff with nothing and win (exclude continuation bets)?

0-5%: 35%
5-10%: 38%
10-20%: 17%
20-40%: 7%
Over 40%: 0%

Thanks for participating in the poll.

I think I was surprised that players actually bluff 20-40% excluding continuation bets. Maybe these were raises before the flop as steals? If not, I wonder how successful these players are with these moves.

The 10-20% seems like an aggressive player to me--which is good or bad depending upon your spots.

I think 10% and under is more like what I expected to answer; probably because I fall into that range.


As to bluffs. I tend to view all-in moves at the pot with big bets on the river as either the nuts or a total bluff. While I tend to view all-in moves on the flop as a flush draw.

One play that has worked online for me is when I hit a set on the flop, and the flop comes with two cards to a flush, I will check raise an opponent all-in. I make this move when I am fairly certain my opponent has a premium starting hand (based on the pre-flop raise and table image) because it looks like a bluff.

Are there bluff plays, that anyone would like to share? Or, would you prefer to keep these a secret.



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