Saturday, March 29, 2008

Are you a Razz Catcher or an Azz Scratcher?

Who's a Razz Catcher?

The catcher is the player who is usually the player on the right side of the bring-in bettor and has a card 8 or under showing. Only one player has raised, when everyone folds to him. He decides to call this raise to try to catch the player stealing or believing his opponent is a weak player (sort of like a floater in No-limit).

The catcher has determined that the raiser is:

1. Stealing--he raised with an Ace showing, and always raises with an Ace showing.
2. Stealing--he raises with the lowest or second lowest ranking card showing, and he always raises in these situations
3. You know this player will fold if you hit good and he hits bad on 4th street.

Being the razz catcher doesn't require three cards to an eight or lower, it just requires a good card on 4th street while his opponent hits bad.

Give razz catching a try. It works real well when you are running hot.

Who's the Azz Scratcher?

A player who is always waiting for three cards to an eight, or an obvious steal situation.


Anonymous said...

Great job on thinking about Razz.

Anonymous said...

I thought Azz Scratcher was someone who gives the bring in a walk with a 2 showing.


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