Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Razz Poker-Wednesday night

I entered the $5-$10 game tonight....I only played for one hour. Won $200.

A lot of limping and a lot of very loose calls. One player attacked me almost every time I was the first one in with a raise.

The first time I had a run of really strong starting hands--sometimes they held up and sometimes they didn't. I was only up about $50, since a couple of players beat me in big pots when they hit two perfect cards on 6th and 7th.

I wasn't happy about it, but they were chasing without the proper odds. As I say "Don't be the azz in Razz." Because it caught up to's funny but if it doesn't beat them one night, it seems to me these players get punished another night.

The big hand I won near the end was when I had 7-6-4 and the player with a 7 showing raised to $5, I re-raised, and one other player with a 10 showing called the double raise. The first raiser called.

On 4th street, I paired with a 6, the original raiser showed 7-8, and the other player has 10-4.

I bet and only the 10-4 player called. I was very happy the 7-8 player folded.

On 5th street, I hit a J, but the other player hit a Q.

The board was now:

Me: (7-6)-4-6-J
Opponent (x-x)-10-4-Q

I bet, figuring he would fold. But, he called.

The turn was a 9 for me, and a 7 for him.

Me: (7-6)-4-6-J-9
Opponent (x-x)-10-4-Q-7

The river for me was a J, so we had:

Me: (7-6)-4-6-J-9-J
Opponent (x-x)-10-4-Q-7-x

My only chance of winning was a bet. I bet. He guess is he should have called with a 10...and it's hard for me to believe he didn't have a 10.

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