Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Full Tilt Software Wanted Me...

To Lose from the Start.

Sometimes I get a feeling...which is either a winning one, or a bad feeling. From the beginning, I had the bad one...like the software was going to punish me...and it did.

First, entered the $75 Event...lost all 4 times it was heads up...too big a hole to get out..and went out early.

Second, went to a $5-$10 cash game and it was not nice at all....it was one of those 7-6 versus 7-5 type of situations....Lost $100

Finally, went to the $8-$16 game...I played two hands in an hour and lost. My favorite:

Board K-Q-9-7-10-9...the K brings it in. It is folded to me...I'm the 7 and I raise. The second 9 calls.

Heads-up on the flop:
Me: (5-8) 7
Opponent (x-x) 9

4th street:
Me: (5-8) 7-3
Opponent (x-x) 9-10

I bet figuring he'd fold...no he calls.

5th street:
Me: (5-8) 7-3-3
Opponent (x-x) 9-10-7

He checks and I bet. He raises and I re-raise. He calls.
He has a made 10 low, I have an 8-7 draw...I am the favorite even with his draw....plus I also can outdraw him.

6th street:
Me: (5-8) 7-3-3-A
Opponent (x-x) 9-10-7-6

He bets! I raise. He calls. I have a made 8 against his made 9, and no doubt a good draw.

So, what does he have?

Opponent (2-4) 9-10-7-6. This means he needs an Ace, 3 or 5 to be sure he wins the pot. Well, that gives him 9 outs or 18%.

The river I hit paint and he gets his 5.

Not a fun way to go...

It was just not going to happen tonight...left after another $190 loss.

Total loss tonight...-$265. Tough to give that money from last night back. But, it happens...

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