Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Day of Tilt!

I missed the time for the PS $1 million tourney by 3 hours...mixed up the starting the time I got to the event, I was on the BB and all-in. So, I got to see myself get knocked out...that was fun.

I went to play in the $8-$16 cash game, and had the best run of starting hands ever! All 3 cards to a wheel maybe 6 out of the first 10 hands...and I lost 4 of them! Unreal...I got angry and made some really dumb plays....TILT!

I was down almost $220, when I won some back, so I was only down $120.

I decided to move to the $24 buy-in tourney....but got knocked out when my first 4 cards was a 6 low and my opponent called me down showing a pair of Aces. He hit a wheel on the river to knock me out.

Bad day...I think the software was fooling with my won and I lost $150.

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