Saturday, March 22, 2008

Poker: Bad seat ..good seat...myth or fact?

It's a fact. Seats run hot and cold. If you get a bad seat, you gotta leave. I had a string of 21 straight unplayable hands, and when I finally had a hand, I lost. Left that table.

At the new table, I had a good seat, but as soon as I won--everyone left.

At the last table of the was a bad I had few hands and lost again.

I did stay to watch the player who was getting hot, and the player who took my seat. No change in results--the same player was winning, and the poor guy who took over for me took a beating.

One thing to consider before entering a game may be to watch and see which seats are running hot and which ones are running cold. The trend at an 8 handed table may be 2 seats will be hot, 2 seats will be cold, and the others will just be.

Overall, tonight seems players were checking when they should be betting, raising when they should be calling, and folding instead of calling...unfortunately, I couldn't take advantage of the play...ended down $200--playing at $10-$20 games.

Lost a big hand with a 6-5 low...4 players saw the flop and I raised on 3rd get the others out...but didn't work...Everyone stayed in...I had the 6-5 on 5th street...unfortunately, one player hit the wheel...big pot...and he had just hit a wheel 4 hands earlier. Hot seat....

Didn't have many hands to play. And, unfortunately, the few I played I lost all but one...yet, I'd take the odds I was getting in all of them...just got a bad seat.

It happens.

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