Friday, March 21, 2008

Online Poker and Cheating: Using Software to Give You an Edge

There are software tools that make it easier to win money at online poker as it tracks the way your opponents play their hands. Why has this become an accepted practice?

1. The online sites should ban all these tools. Why don’t they? Or, just offer all this information to all their players for free?

And, if none of the above, the online site should have some type of icon next to the players who are using these devices at the table. So, everyone is aware of the situation.

2. These tools have become a widespread and accepted form of cheating. Poker is a great game and it should be an even playing field. This hurts the game.

3. Everyone who uses these tools knows they are cheating. Proof: Think back to the first time you used any of these programs. Did you think, “This is a waste of money,” or “Wow, this is going to give me an edge and help win the other guy’s money!”

4. These tools do not help to attract more players nor do they help in the reputation of online poker. Our respected poker leaders should speak out against this nonsense.

5. What if this existed at your local card room, but the card room only allowed one player at each table to use a similar tool? You wouldn’t be too happy. And, you might leave. In fact, you mentioned that you only want to play at a table where there is a fish–makes sense, but you should have to figure it out on your own.

Of course, your card room doesn’t allow devices at the table to help you win. You can’t even use your cell phone.


I know we all love technology but these tools don’t help the game they just help you take advantage of those players unaware, with information that gives you an unfair edge.

Players complain that the sites rip people off. Well, I think players are ripping other players off as well.


I bought one of these packages months ago–and it helped my limit cash game a lot…it was ridiculous how “smart” I became in my decision making. At first, I was really happy with my winnings, but later on, I had 2 thoughts:
1) I was angry that other players were probably taking advantage of my poker habits using these programs for months–meaning I felt cheated and 2) I felt like I was cheating.

As a result, I have eliminated all ring games except one that I know they don’t track–called Razz. (Yeah, I know no one likes the game.) I do play in tournaments, without the software…and have stopped using it all together.

I’m sure you and/or your visitors will shoot me down on this, but just because the other guy is doing it, doesn’t make it right. Sounds really moralistic for a poker blog, I know.

Note: I posted this as my response to the discussion of multi-tabling in online poker at a great strategy site I just discovered called

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Aady said...

These tools have become a far-flung and consented form of cheating. Poker is a great game and it should be an even playing field. This hurts the game.

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