Friday, March 14, 2008

Not enough Razz players Friday night...

Only 2 short handed tables at the $5-$10 I figured I'd play at a $10 Razz tourney. I had 15 minutes until the event began, so I went to the $5-$10 game and lost one big hand when my opponent caught up on the happens...The table lost a few players so we were down to 4 players...with a few minutes to go, the only game with at least 6 players was the $15-$30 game...ante'd a few times but nothing to play and no time to identify player types......After never getting out of the starting gate at the tourney...I tried again.

I looked to play Razz again...I found 6 players at the $5-$10 game...and after a few hands everyone left except for me and two other players. Bummer...I decided to leave as well.

Total loss of $82.

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