Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Razz Poker-Monday night

Started off at the $5-$10 game...lost my cool...dropped $100...and moved to a new table where I won $120. This game broke up, and the only one to move to was the $8-$16 game. Thanks, to an aggressive player I ended the night ahead $320.

This aggressive player was playing her upcard as long as it was low to do the following:

1. To call a raise with a low card and hope to hit good on 4th street
2. To come in with a raise and hope to win the blinds or face just one opponent.

I suspect this player has only one low card in the hole most hands.

However, when she did have two low cards in the hole...she would win big.

Also, she would win a lot of hands uncontested as a steal from any position.


She'd have a 5 after the bring-in bettor and raise. This looked strong especially with all the other low cards. If she got called in one place, she would hope to hit good on 4th and/or 5th to take down the pot. If not, she would fold.

She's call a raise from upfront wiht here one low card calling. Again, she'd hope to hit good on 4th.

She'd always raise as the lowest card on the board or an Ace.

She's always raise if she was the second lowest card remaining on the board.

She's always raise if she had the Ace.

She's always was stupid in that she'd call too many raises as the bring-in bettor.

She ended up way ahead as the other players were folding too often.

When I figured her out, I did well and adjusted my game to play against her:

If I only had one low card in the hole, and a low upcard...she was on my right
(2 seats), so when she's raise I'd re-raise and inevitable be heads up. It was risky, but I increased my chances of winning by being heads-up.

If I hit good on 4th street, she'd fold right away. If I missed, she's bet and depending on my cards, I'd fold or call...hoping to hit good on 5th street.

Another thing which I tried was to try to get heads-up on 5th street, by re-raising on 4th street to move a player out. The only time it worked to get heads-up, I couldn't catch up--I knew I was behind since I re-raised by the initial bettor.

The other times, the player with the better hand didn't get it...and just called...leaving 3 players in the hand. Eventhough he had to be ahead...fortunately, I won some nice pots when we were 3 handed...I just wished people understood why raising to get players out is a good idea!

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