Monday, March 17, 2008

Razz versus No Limit poker

If only every night went this smooth! I played for an hour and won $310.

Every hand I played fell into place....again, my one loss was starting with 3 cards to a bike and my opponent caught up on the river.

Actually, when it was only three players we were talking about Razz and how to play. Also, there was a question about it was a simulation I had run. One player had a made J and the other player had an 8 draw...the player with the J decided to gamble even though he was behind....and lost.

It turns out he thought it was like 48/52...but actually he was 40/60.

The one thing about Razz is that there are a lot fewer bad beats than in NL...even though players get more frustrated in Razz. I think it's the illusion of NL you feel you can control your outcome more by outsmarting your opponent.

The reality is that every kind of limit game--not just Razz--constrains creativity. After all an opponent just has to call one more bet.

NL is more fun since it gives players more of a rush--especially since you can risk all your money.

Still, I believe Razz is an easier game to win money at than NL...The level of skill at NL is so evenly distributed among players, while that's not the case at Razz...

Oh, I just heard from a friend on Brickin' the Nuts, that FT has a $75 buy-in game on Tuesday I'll have to check that out. There's a rumor that a site may even test pot limit Razz...interesting.

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